Timber Floor Staining & Liming

Floor Staining

If you are dreaming of Jarrah floors on your existing Cypress Pine…. then the answer is Floor Staining. Floor staining is the emerging technique to achieve a fully integrated look for your old and new timber flooring which allows you to change the colour of your floor to suit your needs. Most timber floors can be stained to match your personal preferences.

Australian Timber Floor Specialists provides top of the range of floor staining services developed over years of extensive experience with our clients. We apply stains directly to the timber to ensure the maximum possible results and never mix up with varnish or apply stain over the top of varnished timber.

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Floor Liming

Floor Liming is a beautiful alternative to traditional staining and finishing. Simply, Floor Liming is like a whitewash, but one that allows the natural grain and features of your timber floor to shine through. It has a bright modern look, with and increasingly white finish achievable through extra coats, though the timber’s character and knots will always be apparent.

Australian Timber Flooring Specialists recommends water base finish as it is enviro-friendly and resists yellowing.

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