Timber Floor Installation

Timber flooring adds a beauty of dignity to your own house that could never be compared by carpet or tiles. Timber flooring provides you a high durability, comfort, easy care and low allergenic. They are also one of the major strong home selling points when you plan ahead to sell your house.

Australian Timber Flooring Specialists can supply and install a wide range of timber floors including:

  • Solid Timber Floor
  • Floating Timber Floor
  • Laminate Floor
  • Parquetry Floor
  • Cork Floor
  • Timber Decking

Solid Timber Floor is called “tongue and groove flooring” as it is designed to be laid directly onto joists, battens over concrete, or even nailed to old timber flooring and provides a tight plank-to-plank fit. Tongue and groove joints on both sides and ends of the plank ensure a continuous and stable surface. This results in less cutting and less waste. No other flooring material can match the lasting beauty and sheer durability of solid hardwood. Solid tongue and groove strip flooring has been used as an elegant floor covering for many years. With its warmth, style and elegance, this traditional flooring system is still incredibly popular.

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Floating Timber Floor is quicker to install than traditional tongue and groove solid timber flooring, no glue is necessary and the tightly locked joints ensure easy assembly for both the DIY or professional floor layer. Floating Timber Floor is pre-finished with a 3mm to 6mm timber veneer which is re-sandable. They are a total of 14mm in thickness and constructed with a bottom layer which is plantation timber plywood, a middle core layer constructed from a hardwood and the top layer a timber veneer of your choice.

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Laminate Floor comprises of a number of layers. The decor layer is a photograph of real wood or tiles, which is printed on paper. This paper is impregnated with a melamine resin. On top of this, there comes a very strong transparent protective layer. In a press, under high pressure and temperature, the melamine layers are inextricable pressed on an HDF core board. Moreover, the top layer is pressed with a “natural” surface structure. Because of all this and because of an extremely sophisticated pressing technique, this imitation is almost no longer distinguishable of the real material and obtains like this a “wooden floor”. Moreover you do not have the disadvantages of massive wooden floors. A laminate floor is relatively inexpensive, easy and quick to install, and very easy to maintain.

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Parquetry Floor is the authentic and classic choice which is a beautiful feature in your home, not just a floor covering as it is a hard wearing and stunning floor. Parquetry is made from many pieces of wood fitted together like a mosaic or puzzle which can be as large as a ballroom or as small as a bathroom. Parquetry is made from different types of wood with varying grains, to create a unique and eye catching design pattern. Each pattern has its own distinct style. It is precision-milled and is designed to be glued down over a solid, flat subfloor. It can be installed over concrete, over a plywood or particleboard subfloor or over old timber floors.

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Cork Floor is one of the original sustainable flooring solutions and is still an excellent choice. If you have ever played with a cork from a wine bottle, you will know that cork is soft. Cork flooring feels soft and comfortable under your feet but, importantly, it is also durable enough to handle the foot traffic and weight of furniture for many years. Cork floor is also a natural insulator, which creates a warm environment and decreases noise penetration. It can be sanded and polished multiple times

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Timber Decking has become a popular design element of any home, providing a natural extension of interior living spaces to the outdoors. Decking creates an enjoyable outdoor entertaining or BBQ area, and a sunny space to enjoy a book or paper with a cup of your favourite coffee. Timber decking can be used as a pool surround, and is an excellent way of dealing with steep building sites by allowing you to extend your living area into a landscape that would otherwise have been unusable. Decking timbers can also be used to create attractive screens that can cover up what might otherwise have been an ugly view, or just to give you privacy from neighbours. Add to your decking a pergola, and you have an area that can be used all year round.

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